Pan-African Film Consortium

In the spirit of Africa!

Welcome to Our Community

The AFC is a community of influential stakeholders and policy makers working together to improve African cinema's stake in africa's economy. At the AFC, we are passionate at developing outreach across the continent and beyond that will empower African film projects. We believe that our collective efforts can develop an African oriented market niche.

Welcome to our community

The Cinematic Focus

We deliver typical and high quality Africa focused screenings, special events and projects to promote African culture in a rapidly changing world. It will interest the African film audience to learn and interact with the continent?s film activities. The emphasis of this array of film industry programs will be held yearly through a properly scheduled and planned AFC calendar.

The Pan- African Film Consortium is passionate at developing outreaches across the continent and beyond that will empower African film projects. By so doing we will develop an Africa film oriented market niche.

  • Trainings
  • Networking
  • Distribution
  • Film grants

Events and Programs


Stakeholders come together to create an experience that is unique, memorable and life affirming. AFC provides opportunity for africans to have a profound and meaningful cinema experience, while participating in symposiums, panel discussions, forums and arenas for learning from experiences shared by fellow practitioner.

Community Development

Assist stakeholders to network by facilitating contact with other filmmakers across the globe, with the aim of fostering co-productions, distributions, education, exhibition and more to benefit members of AFC worldwide.

Share Art

Our Community provides an opportunity for AFC members of different backgrounds to converge on a shared arts experience, one that summons their collective creativity and allows them to re-imagine their surroundings.

Why AFC?

The AFC assumes a clear endorsement to promote African film culture, for the benefit of the African film audiences and stakeholders of African cinema globally.

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